Painting Competition

A grant of $1,000 from the Royal Bank of Canada enables us to conduct a competition for a painting of “The Grove”. The painting is to be presented to the City of Beaconsfield as a lasting tribute to mark the founding of Beaurepaire 300 years ago.

The competition attracted over 50 artists, both local and from outside the province. Mr. Manuel Ruiz, a well known artist, was the winner.

The winning painting was formally presented to the City on Monday, June 26th, at 8:00 PM in a short ceremony with a representative of the News & Chronicle present.


Writing Contest

A contest for writing a text for the students of Beaconsfield was held.


Cartographic Display

Through the hard work of Gisele Hall, the vice-president, we were able to display in the library many early maps and documents relating to the area, including the original deed granting the first concession to Mr. Jean Guenet on May 18, 1678. The display was accompanied by a talk in French, by Mr. Yves Tremblay, of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The event attracted a lot of attention and we are trying to obtain copies of the maps and documents for a permanent display.


Tree Planting

The Society, in conjunction with the Beaconsfield Horticultural Society, participated in this event. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce made a grant to the Historical Society to enable us to purchase a special shovel for the ceremony, mount it on a walnut board and suitably inscribe it. It will be on display in the administration building as a permanent reminder of the occasion.