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Roberta Angell (October 26th, 1914 – October 21st, 2006)

Roberta Angell was the descendant of the first English family to establish itself as farmer in Beaurepaire. She was the last child of William Nevin Angell (1873 – 1956) and Hannah Hodgson (1878 – 1924) to survive.

This couple had 7 children out of which 4 lived to be adult:
Doris (1906-1998), Cecil (1908-1980), Earl (1911-1966) and Roberta (1914-2006).
None of the children married, leaving no descendant.

Roberta Angell was devoted to her community and to her family. She was attached to her City and its history. She lived in the ancestral house of farm 5, at 530 Lakeshore Road, in Beaconsfield. This house was built for John, William Nevin’s father, in 1860. In 2001, at Roberta Angell’s request, who wanted to insure the preservation of her house, the City of Beaconsfield recognized the historical value of this house by citing it as historical monument.