Prizes Award Ceremony at Centennial Hall, May 11, 2011, at 7:30 p.m.

Our first awarding of the Roberta Angell Prize for adults was won by Robin James Clark, a student at John Abbott College who wrote on the Oka Crisis and the involvement of our own John Ciaccia in it.

John Ciaccia attended the Award Ceremony presentation.

List of winners:


Robin Clark, John Abbott College: The Battle of the Pines

High School:

Claire  Kapusta, Collège St-Louis: Elsie Reford: Creator of the Reford Gardens

Christmas Park Elementary School:

1st: Haylee Rokov: Carolyn Jane Waldo

2nd: Megan Bajohr: The Beaconsfield Witch

School Principal: Micheline Lincoln

Participating teacher: Celia Joslyn

St-Edmund Elementary School:

1st: Victoria Townsend: Sam Roberts

2nd: Luke Ayoub: My Street

3rd: Marc De Rose: St. Edmund of Canterbury, The history of the church

School Principal: Susan Greenberg

Participating teacher: Diane Murray

École primaire St-Rémi:

1st: Tristan Vandette: Messieurs les maires

2nd: Béatrice Dorion: Notre Premier Maire

3rd: Romy Keiffer: Au cours de la vie

School Principal: Sandra Stocco

Participating teachers: Claudia Lafleur and Daniel Arsenault


The prize for the best of the best chosen from all entries at the elementary level:

Tristan Vandette


The prize for the best of the best chosen from all entries at the secondary level:

Claire  Kapusta 


Schools receiving a prize for having submitted a minimum of 5 entries:

St-Edmund Elementary School

École primaire St-Rémi





This contest was open to all students of grades 5 and 6 at the elementary level and all students at the high school level, who resided in Beaconsfield or who attended a school in Beaconsfield.


The adult section was for residents of Beaconsfield, 18 years or older.