Tell us about an event, a group or person

that has influenced life or has a particular

link to the City of Beaconsfield.

Here are a few examples . .




The subject areas can be wide, limited mainly by the individual’s interests and scope; ideally, of course, there will be a link with Beaconsfield or an indication of how the event or subject touched the city and its residents.


Here are some potential topics:


1. Who was Roberta Angell and what has she done for us all?


2. What is a hero, and can you identify one from Beaconsfield. Tell what you know about this person and what you consider heroic about his or her behaviour.


3. What do you know about Canada’s Stonehenge? Clue: it’s older than England’s Stonehenge.

4. How many parks does Beaconsfield have? Are any of them named in memory of something special? Are any of them unnamed?


5.What story do you remember being told about Beaconsfield by your parents or grandparents?


6. First Nations history: Who was here before the Europeans came? Where are they now? Have you seen any traces of them?


7. Can you name a famous Canadian or better still, a Beaconsfield artist? Or a famous writer? Write an interesting biography of him or her.


8. Do a project on an aspect of Beaconsfield’s natural history, which might touch upon the birds, butterflies, insects, animals, reptiles, fish, trees, wildflowers, or wild/edible natural foods.


9. For the artists among us, do a drawing, or a painting, that particularly represents Beaconsfield.

10. Provide an historical account of a specific building or church in Beaconsfield.


11. Have there been any outstanding events in Beaconsfield that should be recorded?


12. Have any people from Beaconsfield been awarded military medals? Name one and explain why.


13. Who were The United Empire Loyalists? What did they do?


14. Identify a famous Beaconsfielder and write a short essay showing why a street or a park should  be named after him or her.