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Samuel "Sam" Edward Lichtenhein (1870 – 1936)

Sam Lichtenhein is known as a businessman and sports executive as he was the owner and President of the Montreal Wanderers ice hockey team and the owner of the Montreal Royals baseball team. He also acquired a gentleman’s farm in Beaconsfield in 1908. He was in league with the Drummonds, J.L. Perron and others living west of Station Road (St.Charles) to exchange land towards the rear of their properties to allow for the new Beaconsfield Boulevard and obtain title to the public lakeside land where the Lakeshore Road was. He kept the farm until his death, after acquiring the old road section across Farm 13. The iron fence along the Boulevard that originally came from his Dorchester Boulevard property, in Montreal, slowly disappeared before the property was sold to R. A. Campbell in 1947.