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Dingham Molson (1867-1941)

Married to Mary Cronyn Wilson, Dingham Molson is a member of the Molson Brewery family and is manager of the Molson Bank.  He built his residence on a lot of farm #5 (maybe 524 Lakeshore today) – now demolished. He was an assessor for the town of Beaconsfield in 1910.


G.H. Napier bought a property in Beaurepaire, demolished it to built the existing house at 590 Lakeshore, in 1915.  Mr Napier was president of the Beaconsfield Golf Club in 1917-1918.


John Warrin Peck (1849-1920)

Founder of J.W. Peck & Co, clothing manufacturer, John Warrin Peck moved the head office from Winnipeg to Montreal in the early 1890’s.  He built his home in 1896 on the shore of lake St. Louis (42 Lakeshore Road, Beaconsfield).


Arthur Poulson (1871-1951)

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Arthur Poulson transferred from the Prudential Insurance office in New Jersey, USA, in 1909, to establish the Company in Montreal. As Chief inspector for the Prudential Insurance of Canada, he opened two offices in Montreal and one later in the Maritimes.

He came to Beaurepaire in 1928 and lived at 454 Lakeshore Road until his death.

This house was demolished in 2010.


Robert Wilson Reford (1867-1951)

In 1891, the real estate brokers James Armstrong and John Jeremiah Cook from Toronto sold to his father the oldest house in Beaconsfield, 13 Thompson-Point, which encompassed all the properties now on the cul-de-sac called Thompson-Point street. In 1894, Robert Wilson Reford married Elsie Meighen Reford who will later create the Reford Gardens in Métis (les Jardins de Métis).

Robert Wilson Reford acquired his father’s property in 1896 for the value of $10,000 to be deducted from his share of his father’s estate. The couple used the house as a summer residence until 1907. Robert Wilson Reford worked for his father’s business, Robert Reford Co., a shipping firm. He owned one of the largest collections of Canadian & European art in Canada and has interest in photography.


James W. Shaw (1863-1947)

He was mayor of Beaconsfield from 1928 to 1936, founder of the Shaw Piano & Music House and the founder of the Beaurepaire Golf Club in 1925. James-Shaw street, built in the 1980s, goes through what was part of his golf course.

James Shaw


Charles L. Shorey (    -1929)

Born in Stanstead, Quebec.  The family firm of H. Shorey and Company was founded by his father and became one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of ready-made clothing in Canada. He was alderman on the first council in 1910.


Benjamin Tooke (    -1919)

Benjamin Tooke is the founder of Tooke Brothers, a shirt manufacturer and clothing for men. He built his home in 1884 at 38 Lakeshore Road.  He was the founder of Beaconsfield Golf Club in 1902.


R.W. Truax (1885-    )

Coming from Ontario, R.W. Truax founded the stock brokerage firm of Truax, Carsley and Co. and was also president of the Frontenac Copper Mines Ltd. He bought 460 Lakeshore Road in the early 1920s.


J. O. Turgeon (1875-    )

J.O. Turgeon is an architect of international reputation, specialist of churches and institutional works. The Turgeons bought Paschal Ephrem Pilon’s farmhouse from A. Laplante (246 Beaconsfield Boulevard) to use it as a summer residence. He was member of the St. Denis Club and director of the Club Canadien.