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Robert Wilson Reford (1867-1951)

In 1891, the real estate brokers James Armstrong and John Jeremiah Cook from Toronto sold to his father the oldest house in Beaconsfield, 13 Thompson-Point, which encompassed all the properties now on the cul-de-sac called Thompson-Point street. In 1894, Robert Wilson Reford married Elsie Meighen Reford who will later create the Reford Gardens in Métis (les Jardins de Métis).

Robert Wilson Reford acquired his father’s property in 1896 for the value of $10,000 to be deducted from his share of his father’s estate. The couple used the house as a summer residence until 1907. Robert Wilson Reford worked for his father’s business, Robert Reford Co., a shipping firm. He owned one of the largest collections of Canadian & European art in Canada and has interest in photography.