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Étude sur les conditions de vie des individus asservis au Québec ancien

Speaker: Cathie-Anne Dupuis
When: Thursday, May 18, 2023, 19h30 - 21h
Où: Centennial Hall,
       288, Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield, H9W 4A4
Lecture in French, followed by a bilingual questions period

2023 05 18CathieAnneDupuis AsservisAuQuébecAround 1690, French Canadians saw an almost constant arrival of Indigenous and African enslaved in the Laurentian Valley until 1833. However, we still know very little about their living conditions. This lecture will present what we currently know about enslaved individuals' living conditions and the conditions that led to early mortality.

Cathie-Anne Dupuis completed her master's degree in historical demography in 2020. Through this master's degree, she focused on questions about enslaved individuals' mortality in ancient Quebec. Having left hanging several important questions about the living conditions of enslaved individuals, Cathie-Anne began a doctorate in history in 2021 to return to the archives and find answers to her questions. She is a doctoral candidate in history, a research assistant in the history department of UdeM and a consultant on the Native Bound Unbound project.

You can read the text of her master (in French) at: Dupuis Cathie-Anne Mémoire de maîtrise 2020