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From 1800 to 1950, from farmers to permanent residents, come and meet some of the men and women who changed the face of Beaconsfield.
Presented in the Media Room of the Beaconsfield Library, 303 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield, March 1 to 25, 2007

2007Portrait of Past 

Beaconsfield of the past: farmers (1702-1874)

Valois (farms 1 and 2), Rémi Legault, Neveu, Dagenais, Daoust, Angell

Farm equipment pictures.

Arrival of summer residents (1874)

Menzie, Hopton, Hoskin, Christmas, Reford, Mann, Drummond, Allan, Perron, Godeffrey, McCall, Lang, Letendre, Tooke, Napier, Peck, Truax, Turgeon, Molson, Perron, Dandurand, Campbell

Beaurepaire Village development (1910-1940)

George Reakes (first town employee), Trottier, Malcom Beaton, Ernest George L. King, Peggy Hammond, Thomas Light, Walter Connalty (builders), Mme Beaudet, Charles High Hillrich, Millington, Wilson, Hagarty (policeman), Gregory, Stock, Bedbrook, James Shaw (Golf, Mayor), Police Force

City employees

Developers in the 1950’s