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1986 Special Events

The Beaconsfield carnival is set for the weekend of February 7th.1986.

  • There will be food for the Thursday VIP reception*
  • There will be furniture and memorabilia to furbish Centennial Hall from members lend
  • Items on display from other museums.


Barbara Briggs organized a Como Tour: About 30 members and friends enjoyed the tour of Mrs. Hyde's house and lunch at the Willow Inn.

August 21-23 1986- Display at Beaconsfield Shopping Centre: we will share a table and staffing with the senior citizens' association.



Tri-Centennial slide show on July 1st 1982 between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. Commentaries given by Evelyn McOuat.


The society mounts its first exhibition of old tools, guns and Christmas decorations.

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